Gold Bullion Trading

Partners Force International together with its highly selectivePan African gold mining and trading group from Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Brazil offer to sell anywhere in the world, where it is allowed by United States rules and regulations of international trade and commerce, between 100 kg to 200 kg/month of legit gold nuggets and/or buttonsper qualified buyer out from Tanzania under a yearly contract based on LBMA Spot of the day of settlement. Discount to be discussed on case by case basis

As Proof of Product, we send buyers picture of gold buttons along My partner Alfred Akuala, CEO of Condeports Internacional based Tanzania national Newspaper of the day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during gold inspection in Tanzania

1 Commodity: GOLD
2 Physical Form: Nuggets and/or Buttons
3 Purity & Fineness: 94 % or Better
4 Origin: TANZANIA
5 Destination: Any Safe International Airport
6 Delivery: CIF "Carriage & Insurance Paid to" by Seller
7 Monthly Quantity: One Hundred Kilograms (100 KGs) to Two Hundred kilograms (200KGs) per Month per Buyer
8 Duration: Twelve (12) Months (with Rolls and Extensions)


  • No money up front
  • We send offer as SCO & POP + Preliminary Assay report from Tanzania government gold and precious minerals Lab.
  • Buyer signs SCO & provide POF.
  • We, Seller, issue a Pro-forma Invoice and both seller and buyer together with 2 witnesses sign SPA.
  • We price based on LBMA Spot on net weight CIF on the day of settlement (discount to be discussed according to buyer's purchase capacity. Commission to buyer mandate to be covered by buyer only).
  • Buyer issues an IRREVOCABLE CONFIRMED LETTER OF CREDIT or SBLC by one of top 10 banks.
  • We, Seller, deliver within 7 to 10 business days after receipt of IRREVOCABLE CONFIRMED LC/SBLC in safe international airport anywhere in the world, where there is no limitation by United States government, to buyer's refinery of choice that must have LBMA accreditation .
  • Seller covers all export Tax and duty on gold of the country of origin, air shipping and insurance.
  • Seller mail to buyer and its refinery of choice 3 days before shipping (Pro-forma Invoice + Certificate of Origin + Export License + Preliminary Assay Report + Business License Registration + No Crime, No Blood Affidavit in compliance with international rules of best business practices in gold and precious minerals trading etc) each in one original and 3 copies in order to arrange for import permit and do necessary custom import process.
  • Buyer covers all import Tax and fees, secure transfer via armored vehicle from airport of destination to refinery as well all refinery charges.
  • Payment execution must be effective within 24 hours based on refinery smelting, final assay report, net weight and LBMA Spot minus agreed discount.
  • Buyers end up paying only for 100% Gold Bares Net Weight based on LBMA Spot Price of the Day of Settlement Minus the agreed upon Discount

  • After payment receipt confirmation by seller bank, we, seller, sign transfer of title of gold ownership to buyer. For more info, please go to our Contact Us web page and send your query along with your detailed contact info.

News & Press Release

Where Are Gold Bullion Prices Going from Here? -by Sasha Cekerevac, BA

The key to a great investment is to get in before everyone else. As most readers who follow the markets know, the results of the latest Federal Reserve meeting were quite a surprise, as the central bank determined that now was not the time to reduce its asset purchase program.

That news was a green light for people to pile into the markets. Gold bullion made its largest jump in over a year. However, those people who were waiting for the right investment to get into gold bullion should have been looking for a better risk-to-reward entry-point earlier in the year.

Back in early July, when gold bullion was being heavily sold, I told my readers that the price at that point was quite attractive. While there certainly is potential for a long-term investment in gold bullion, one has to be careful to not blindly chase a market.

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