Outsourced Pipeline Creation, Development, Sales and Maintenance

A fundamental component of achieving success in any market is to know who tomorrow's buyers are. The most successful providers of Software and Services to firms operating in the complex financial, energy and telecommunication markets are achieving this goal - some with the help of PFI.

  • In target markets that are typically made up of less than 100 prospects, each often with less than 10 key decision makers, our clients recognize that PFI is the most effective way of helping them to
  • Identify these key decision makers (KDMs)
  • Ensure that these KDMs become aware and interested in them and their solutions and that this level of awareness is maintained over time.
  • Capture vital market knowledge to aid decision making and help formulate sales/product strategies.
  • Create sales opportunities.
  • Support account planning/development by understanding the corporate structure and uncovering the decision making process.
  • Better forecast and size a prospective market so reducing risk and associated costs.
  • Take a more structured and lower risk approach to entering new markets- both vertical and geographical.

For more information about our capabilities, international business expertise and market knowledge and how we can help your organization achieve its global business objectives and strategic goals in a cost effective and most competitive manner, please contact us

News & Press Release

Where Are Gold Bullion Prices Going from Here? -by Sasha Cekerevac, BA

The key to a great investment is to get in before everyone else. As most readers who follow the markets know, the results of the latest Federal Reserve meeting were quite a surprise, as the central bank determined that now was not the time to reduce its asset purchase program.

That news was a green light for people to pile into the markets. Gold bullion made its largest jump in over a year. However, those people who were waiting for the right investment to get into gold bullion should have been looking for a better risk-to-reward entry-point earlier in the year.

Back in early July, when gold bullion was being heavily sold, I told my readers that the price at that point was quite attractive. While there certainly is potential for a long-term investment in gold bullion, one has to be careful to not blindly chase a market.

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