Why join Partners Force International Team?

Partners Force International positions itself as one of the leading international sales and business development firms specializes in selling financial software and energy commodities solutions, mobile payment, e-commerce platforms, credit card/debit payment processing gateways, telecommunication and broadcasting business management solutions, e-government distribution channels to the global market with particular emphasize on the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regions.

If you believe you have a proven skill and experience in selling to C-level buyers and decision makers of global organizations, or you are a very qualified pre-sale consultant and implementation professional with necessary expertise and technical ability that can help us adding high value to our global clients, then please welcome and join our team.

We are a fast growing international sales and business development firm and we are currently looking to add qualified personnel in the following areas:

  • 2 Sales Managers one in each of the following fields:
        Banking (retail, Commercial and investment) solutions,
        Mobile Commerce and e-Commerce
  • 2 Pre-Sale consultants one in each of the following fields:
        Retail and Commercial Banking Solutions
        Mobile Banking, Credit Card/Debit Card Payment Processing
  • 2 Implementation and Support Managers, one in each of the following areas:
        Core banking Solutions
        Mobile banking and e-Commerce

Hard and intelligent work, teamwork spirit, independent initiatives, accountability and integrity are key to the success of our business. We offer challenging and highly rewarding positions based mainly on revenue sharing concept as well as flexible hours and promising careers.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer who believes on the high value and strategic advantage of diversity and cross cultural cohesion.

Want to find out more about Careers with Partners Force International? Please email us your resume to: careers@partnersforce.com and we will contact you ASAP.

News & Press Release

Where Are Gold Bullion Prices Going from Here? -by Sasha Cekerevac, BA

The key to a great investment is to get in before everyone else. As most readers who follow the markets know, the results of the latest Federal Reserve meeting were quite a surprise, as the central bank determined that now was not the time to reduce its asset purchase program.

That news was a green light for people to pile into the markets. Gold bullion made its largest jump in over a year. However, those people who were waiting for the right investment to get into gold bullion should have been looking for a better risk-to-reward entry-point earlier in the year.

Back in early July, when gold bullion was being heavily sold, I told my readers that the price at that point was quite attractive. While there certainly is potential for a long-term investment in gold bullion, one has to be careful to not blindly chase a market.

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